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Mosaic Glass and Unglazed/Glazed Porcelain, Lyric Porcelain, Kaleidoscope Colorways, Prism Factor, Aura Metallic, Looking Glass Transparent, Kaleidsocope Colorglitz, Prism Petites are all Registered Trademarks of Mosaic Tile Supplies, LLC. Arctic Mermaid Mosaics is an authorized Distributor of these product lines.

Product and Technical Information. 2022

The Aura™ Metallics, Looking Glass Transparent™, ColorGlitz, Kaleidoscope™ Premium Glass Mosaic tiles are high quality, economically priced mosaic glass tiles. The Aura, Looking Glass Transparent, Kaleidoscope Color Grove, ColorGlitz measure 3/4"x3/4" (20mm square) and 1/8" thick (4mm thick). They are face-mounted on paper sheets, in some cases they may be back mounted on mesh, noted on product page. This means when you receive your order you will be looking at the back side of the tile, the ribbed side or cut-cell side which is there for better adhesion to your surface. Each sheet measures 13" square or 1.15 sq.ft.**PLEASE LET US KNOW WHEN ORDERING if you are using the sheets for Field Installation as we will be sure to have your sheets in excellent shape for installing as field tile.**

The tile can be used for shower stalls, kitchen backsplash, fireplace surrounds, LIGHT traffic floors, walls, pools, standing water areas, furniture, arts and crafts, murals, interior and exterior decor, the options are endless!! They are frost, chemical and stain resistant. PLEASE NOTE: Although the Glass Tile is very durable, Light Traffic Floors are best. Use The Lyric Unglazed Porcelain Tile for high traffic flooring.** The Glass Tiles are excellent for indoor or outdoor installations, cold or hot environments.

To remove the tile from the paper mount for art purposes simply soak in hot water for 15 minutes. For Wall application, set in thinset, wait 45 minutes at least, wet paper with sponge/warm water till paper is dark brown and pull from the corner not the top, clean with damp cloth. Arctic Mermaid Mosaics commits to great customer service and help in any way that we can. Our supplier is fast and dependable for large orders or small orders. We try our best to keep in stock, here, enough for the Artists and small home decorating projects with keeping our product line and inventory growing.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS EVALUATED IN ACCORDANCE WITH ANSI A137.1-1988 for Kaleidoscope Color Grove, Aura Metallic, Looking Glass Transparent, and ColorGlitz. Lyric Unglazed Porcelain at bottom of page. Visual Inspection BACK May be either plain or raised pattern. CONFORMS Raised pattern WARPAGE. Shall not exceed 1%along an edge nor.75%on either diagnol. CONFORMS WEDGING. Shall not exceed 2%. CONFORMS MOUNTING. Shall be uniformly mounted with joints approximately 1/16" wide. CONFORMS WATER ABSORPTION. Shall be impervious. CONFORMS BOND STRENGTH. Average 50psi or greater. CONFORMS

UNI EN 202 FROST RESISTANT- CONFORMS. UNIEN122 RESISTANT TO CHEMICAL ATTACK. CONFORMS. DIN 51094 COLORS RESISTANT TO FADING. CONFORMS.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< LYRIC™ UNGLAZED PORCELAIN TILES 1) Dimension: a)Length and width JIS A 52009:94 +/- 1.0mm Complies b) Thickness JIS A 5209:94 +/- .8mm Complies 2) Wedging JIS A5209:94 MAX. 1.5mm Complies 3) Surface Flatness a) Center Curvature ISO 10545-2 +/- 1.00% +/-.75% b) Warpage ISO 10545-2