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Mosaic Art Gallery 2


Coffee Table- Made with the Aura Metallic, Prism Factor glass  

tile. Another beautiful table from Artist/Crafter Miss Rosie of     

Wasilla, Alaska! 2013  


   Backsplash made with corks, Looking Glass Trasnparent Tile, stained glass   

mosaic marbles. Beautiful Job! Artist/Crafter Faith of Wasilla, Ak. 2014  



Trivets- Made with, Aura Metallic glass tile,                                                                                                        

Kaleidoscope Colorways Vitreous Glass tile, kaledoscope ColorGlitz, Stained glass tiles.        

Artist/Crafter Miss Cheng of Wasilla, Alaska. Beautiful!! Thank you!!



Wall Art- Made with Broken plate pottery, pottery shards, Kaleidoscope  Colorways glass tile, mirror.

Beautiful job by Artist /Crafter Deb of Wasilla AK. Thank you Deb! 2014 


 Beautifully made table top with the Kaleidoscope Vitreous and Kaledoscope ColorGlitz glass tile. Artist Kay Hanline of Anchorage, AK. Thank you Kay!! 2014



Fish Man- Made with Glass tile and our colored mirror tiles. Artist Mrs. Cynthia Caywood of Mexico. 

Thank you so much Cind! 2015


Table Top- Made with the beautiful Kaleidoscope ColorGlitz glass tile. Wonderful job by Miss Heidi 

of Anchorage, Ak. Thank you Heidi! 2015



Decorative stove cabinet- Made with our Ceramic pottery shards. Miss Elizabeth

of Lake Havasu City, Arizona. A beautiful job!! Thank you Elizabeth! 2018



Table Top- Made with the Kaleidoscope Color Grove Vitreous, Aura Metallic, glass marbles, mirror tiles. 

Artist/ Crafter Laura Crowley of Camas Washington. Thank you Laura, its beautiful! 2017


Wall Art- Made with our Mosaic Tile mixes, rocks, seaglass, Marbles.

Artists Luzan and Jennifer of Seward Alaska. Beautiful, thank you ladies!! 2019