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Mosaic Art Gallery 1

Mosaic Art Gallery 
On the Mosaic Art Gallery pages I have pictures of art from our wonderful Customers, great works, some for sale and some for inspirational ideas for making mosaics. Thank you to all who send in pictures of your work. We appreciate you very much whether you are a beginner or experienced! New pieces of art will be added as time goes along,if you would like to inquire about price of the artwork please feel free to e-mail me at All rights Reserved on Photos, Copyrights© Arctic Mermaid Mosaics 2003-2022 ** 
surfermuralindanapoint72.jpgSurfer Mural- Made with various glass tiles including Kaleidoscope®, Illuminati®. The beautiful artwork of Artist Lance Jost of Lance Jost Designs in Dana Point, CA. Thank you Mr. Jost! 2010 Copyright© apply.
Custom Island counter top- Made with the Kaleidoscope Vitreous, ColorGlitz Iridescent, Aura Metallic glass tiles and black ceramic tile. Artist/Crafter Terri Ann Kilborn. 2015
226801-10200645500205839-946184292-n.jpgCabinet Top- Made with the beautiful ColorGlitiz Glass tile. Wonderful job Miss jElizabeth of Arizona! Thank you! 2013
photocarolinetable.jpgTable Top made with the Kaleidoscope Glass tile. Beautiful job by Crafter Caroline of Anchorage Alaska. Thank you Caroline!! 2014


Coffee Table- using the ColorGlitz iridescent and Looking Glass Transparent glass tile the 6th graders with the help of Mrs. Suzanne Farley made a table for their school fundraiser at Pacific Northern Academy in Anchorage AK. GREAT JOB KIDS!! Thank you so much for sending in your picture! 2017


Polar Bear Trivet by Andrea Kellar of Juneau, AK. Beautiful, thank you Andrea!! 2016




 West Alabama Family Practice Logo done by Dr. Louis Buettner for his Son. He incorporated not only the Univeristy of Alabama colors, but all of the High Schools in Tuscaloosa county and adacent counties. Backround shape is Alabama, other shapes represent the various sports. Discus thrower is Discobolos, by Miron(cira 460BCE). using the Kaleidoscope and Prism Factor glass tile reds, with crimson and white. Absolutely beautiful Dr. Buettner, thank you!! All Rights reserved, Copyrights Louis Buettner, Arctic Mermaid Mosaics, 2007.


Fantastic round Table Top- Using Family heirloom broken china, Aura Metallic, Colorglitz glass tile and mosaic marbles. Artist/Crafter Miss Linda Shepard of Anchorage Alaska. Beautiful job!!! 2012

Wall Art- made with Prism Factor® glass tile, Colorglitz, and kaleidoscope. Beautiful job from Artist/Crafter:Jan Morehouse of Copper Center, Alaska, 2014ravenmosaic001jans.jpg



Wall Mirror- made with the Kaleidoscope Color Grove, Colorg

Beautiful job by Artist/Crafter Robin of Wasilla, AK. Thank you Robin!! 2015





Large Trivet- Made with the ColorGlitz Iridescent glass tile, ceramic focal tile. Beautiful job

by artist/crafter Kim Troisi of Wasilla, AK. Thank you Miss Kim! 2018                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



Chair covered in Aura Metallic Glass Tile, glass and metal beads. Artist/Crafter Terri Ann Kilborn 2016.



Trout Coffee Table- Made with the Kaleidoscope Color Grove, ColorGlitz glass tile, red stained glass.

Beautiful job by artist/crafter Faith Lussow of Wasilla, AK. Thank you Faith!! 2018



Mosaic stepping stones, wall art- Made with the Kaleidoscope Colorglitz glass tile,

Mini tiles, our glass tile mixes. Artist/Crafter Debbie Nordstrom of Puyallup Washington. 

Thank you Debbie, beautiful!! 2019


Mosaiced Table Top- Made with our Mosaic Tile mixes.

Artist/Crafter Laura Crowley of Camas Washinton. Beautiful job, thank you Laura!! 2019