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Seaglass Mosaic Supplies

Handpicked from the beaches of Puget Sound in Washington State, genuine "Mermaids Tears" Beach Seaglass! No manufactoring by machines, all handpicked off the beach! 
The Seaglass we had the pleasure to receive is from Puget Sound, east side beaches of the Olympic Pennisula in Washington state. This beautiful glass is sold by the generous pound and at a very special price. Can be cut with the 2 wheeled nippers if you need pieces smaller, the pieces are odd shapes,some rounded,thickness vaires as pictured. All naturally tumbled by the waves on the beach. Some of the pieces may have chips, a little bit of seaweed still on them, we cleaned them the best we could. This a very Limited Supply Item so when it is gone, it will be until the next wonderful Mermaid stops by!

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